The Challenge

This piece was a bit of an experiment in terms of technique. I do not normally use armatures in my sculptures, partly because if the technical problems of the clay shrinking and cracking when you put it over a static structure, and partly because it’s harder for me to “see” what the piece is going to look like when I just have the bare wires in front of me.

Steam Punk (series)

October is “costume month”, so Erin came in her new “Steam Punk” outfit, complete with a modified Nerf machinegun… and the obligitory dark goggles. This was a 2 hour class, so we had a little more time on the sketches, especially the last one (20 minute sketch)

Between Hope and Fear

Hope only exists in the presence of fear, uncertainty or despair.  A muscle is only strengthened when it is working against some opposing force, so Hope becomes the place where we go to when we are threatened.  The threat need not be huge or catastrophic, but it must be something that forces us to pause, […]

The Struggle

This is a series which reflects on the struggles which all of us face in our lives.  The struggle may be great or small, profound or trivial, secret or public; but the reality is that none of us live without it.  In a sense, our lives would be small, boring and largely meaningless if we […]


One of the realities of working with clay is… the fire. I did not set out with the intent of making a “Shattered” piece.  I was just making a figure.  I put a lot of time and heart into it, but I was assuming a pretty normal process.  However, the creative process does not always […]

Testing the Clay

Watching the stars… This was actually a “test” piece.  When I originally bought the kiln and clay from a friend who was retiring from working with clay, there was one unidentified block of clay. I found that it fired to a rich, semi-gloss brown. I have tried to identify that particular clay body so I […]

The Gift

We often hear people speak of great artists as “gifted” individuals. I have even heard people use that term to describe my abilities in art. I’ve wondered about the deep implications of having a gift, and what impact that has on the way I practice my art. First: a gift is something which is given. […]

The Artist in Community

The concept behind this piece — as a single piece, and not just ten little sculptures — is the way God has created us, as individual artists, to live and operate in community. … As God has created each of you, and molded you through your life experiences, He has made a wonderful and unique person, every one of you beautiful in your own distinct way, standing on your own, with the gifts that only He could give.

My Sketch Book

Over the last several years, my sketch book has become one of those personal, somewhat “sacred” things in my life.  It has become my faithful companion, recording words, pictures, abstract shapes, emotions, truth, pain, practice, sketches of people at airports and on the subway in Prague.  I’ve gotten so I hardly go anywhere without it […]

Development of an Artist

It struck me that people go through a number of stages/seasons/steps as they start to grapple with what it means to be an artist. These stages aren’t really well defined, and have a lot of overlap, but I think they still map a definite progression in both the individual’s understanding of their personal call to be an artist, and of how other people begin to see them:

Bringing Sight

One of the never ending discussion threads that I have run into time and time again is the ageless question of, “What is Art?”  There have been countless minds much greater than mine which have wrestled with this question, and I strongly suspect that there is no complete answer to this question. So, I am not […]

Prague Stories: Lives Changed

One of the things you always wonder about when you go on a trip like this is, what, honestly, are the long term outcomes from all the time (and money) invested in this trip?  Sure, it’s really great to be able to travel, to see other people, to expand our understanding (intellectually and spiritually) of […]