But, what does it MEAN?

One of the interesting things I’ve noticed when looking at art with some of my non-artist friends, especially when looking at more abstract art, is the tendency of those friends to ask, “But, what does it mean?” Now, in their defense, these friends really are trying to understand what they are looking at. They squint […]

Does Art Matter?

Those of you who have been partnering with us for the past couple of years should remember some of the stories from my trip with OM Arts to the city of Baja in southern Hungary in 2011. I wanted to share a story with you which I just heard a couple of weeks ago – […]

Prague, 2012

After more than 35 years of prayer, the Lord blessed Sue and my desire to minister together in the Czech Republic. The outreach was sponsored by a local Russian speaking congregation and its young, energetic pastor. Pastor Oleg and the church had been working on planning this outreach for 1½ years. There were seven of […]

The Potter and the Clay

Did you ever think about who was the very first Potter?  The Bible says that God formed Adam out of the dust.  Not, it doesn’t specifically say this, but I have a feeling that He added a little water to the dust first so He could make Adam from clay! God is an artist.  Look around and […]

The Veil is Lifted

On the first morning after we had arrived in Baja, Hungary, Bill Drake lead the OM Arts team in a short Bible study.  To lay a foundation for our time there in Baja, he spoke from II Corinthians 5 where that apostle Paul speaks of us having a “ministry of reconciliation.”  We are not to preach […]


It’s funny how sometimes God uses something really small to give us a little glimpse into His heart. At the edge of the city of Baja, on the banks of the Danube, there is a small stone tower. A steep set of steps climbs along the outside of the tower to a small, circular platform […]

We got out the clay…

Another funny little twist: We had a “Spiritual Emphasis Week” here at the OM USA office, which involved a lot of time for team building and training… and just sort of mixing things up. Since OM has a substantial “Arts Link” department, they set up some tables in the main worship area with different kinds […]

Following The Potter in Moldova

One of my most precious memories of growing up is the time I spent summers at the local art gallery taking pottery classes. In the summer of 2010, I was able to share some of that joy with a group of children in rural Moldova.