I have had a passion for clay and sculpture for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a very technical and science oriented family, some of my fondest memories are still of summer pottery classes at the local art museum. In college, I turned toward mathematics, and over the next 35 years, followed a career as a Software Engineer. However, I never forgot my love for art and beauty.

My work communicates on different levels, from the utilitarian to a simple reflection of the beauty I see around me. It may express a response of hope or fear or love, or the reality of light or darkness. Or it may simply reflect the little child at play. Clay becomes a language to express thoughts, emotions, or insights for which I have no words.

As much as I love to create, I also treasure the opportunity to teach others to experience that same joy. Young people are naturally drawn to clay. With a little bit of instruction and encouragement, they quickly gain the confidence to create something of value. In clay, the art flows naturally from their active imaginations.

The underlying thread in my journey has been growing to understand what it looks like to integrate the truth of my relationship with Christ and my expression as an artist. I am learning to let my creative process reflect the complicated dynamic of Faith – something which is not always pretty or positive or well understood, but which carries underneath it the reality of Hope.

Reflecting faith, hope and beauty through art.”

This is what defines my Calling.

So, you are wondering, Why this Site?

Awards and other Recognition?

I would be happy to carry on this conversation with you on my Contact page!


    • Thanks Steve! Thinking about spending the ~ $35 to buy the commercial version of the Photo Gallery plugin so I can do photo comments.

    • Thanks Dileep! It’s proving to be a LOT of work, but it is great to actually have a presence on the Web. Learning lots of stuff about hosting and WordPress! 😛

    • I don’t have one yet, though I would imagine it’s just a matter of installing a proper RSS feed plugin. I’ll look into that!

    • Ben — Thanks! Yeah, it’s something I’ve noticed about artists as I’ve been watching, and thinking about what the difference is between someone who has some level of skill at creating things, and someone who really thinks and lives as an artist.
      Kind of like the difference between the guy who knows how to pound out a few lines of code, and someone who can create “beautiful” programming, eh? 😉

  1. Hi Charles I was blessed to see your work at Isola del Gran Sasso the other evening – you are truly gifted …. time is a strange and wonderful thing – 40 years in the making on your part and so many of us do not use our ears and eyes to experience life until it is far too late. This world today is obsessed with celebrity and making money and yet the purity and innocence of creation and gifting is truly awesome. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me.. I wish we had more opportunities. Kev

    • Kevin — thank you for your comments! It truly is a blessing to live in those gifts which God has given us. It’s amazing to see how He works when we let Him!

    • Yeah, it does have a black drop shadow, but that doesn’t completely fix the problem. I thought about doing black text with a white shadow, but I think that would be even less readable against the gray background.
      I just pushed the size to 130%, which seems to help, at least on the computer screen.

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