The Burden

The Burden

The Burden

Ceramic, about 7″

Sometimes you are exposed to something that really hits you smack between the eyes…

I was reading about the medical and relief work that a particular organization does among children infected with AIDS, and how this particular worker was struggling with how to impress on the children the life-and-death importance of taking their medicine, while at the same time not robbing them of their childish joy and innocence.  It struck me how such small children were living as if a huge bolder were strapped to their shoulders.  They should be out running through the fields, playing with butterflies, not with the burden of death strapped to their back.

I originally called this, “AIDS – no respecter of persons”, but really it’s much broader than that, since there are so many different curses of war, disease, slavery and strife which children are trapped under today.

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