Full of Empty Leaves

Our pastor, Gary Franklin, has been going through a series called, Jesus- Unpredictable and Untamable, based on the Gospel of Mark.  This past Sunday, he went over the story in Mark 11 of Jesus cleansing the temple the day after the Triumphal Entry. Almost as a side thought, Mark tells of Jesus going up to […]

My Sketch Book

Over the last several years, my sketch book has become one of those personal, somewhat “sacred” things in my life.  It has become my faithful companion, recording words, pictures, abstract shapes, emotions, truth, pain, practice, sketches of people at airports and on the subway in Prague.  I’ve gotten so I hardly go anywhere without it […]

The Potter and the Clay

Did you ever think about who was the very first Potter?  The Bible says that God formed Adam out of the dust.  Not, it doesn’t specifically say this, but I have a feeling that He added a little water to the dust first so He could make Adam from clay! God is an artist.  Look around and […]