Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

I began this sculpture inspired by a photo. The expression of the model struck me and drew me in. As I worked, I had no title in mind, or even a clear idea of what I wanted to communicate through the figure. I just wanted to capture the heart of the image.

As I sat looking at the finished piece, I was drawn to her eyes and the way she held her arms tight to her chest. I could feel the tension she founder self in, perpetually suspended in the moment, somewhere between the past and the future.

Yesterday — We see the past, where we have been, but we cannot change it or go back to the events which have shaped us.

Tomorrow — We attempt to make plans for what we believe we will face in the future, but we cannot see what that future will actually bring.

Today — What we are left with is this one, singular moment of the present. All we can do is to make sure that we live in this moment well.

The reality of the CoVID-19 global pandemic and the swirling world of uncertainty and fear it has created brings a new layer of meaning to this piece. We have grown used to our apparent ability to control, or even anticipate the future, but this virus has brought that all crashing down around us. Everything that we have called “normal” has been turned upside down.

But, in this, we have been given an opportunity to step back and take inventory of where our today is anchored. How do we need to change the filters we use to look back at yesterday? What is the anchor which we will hold on to as we step into an uncertain tomorrow? How will live in this one moment that we have today?

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