From the Sketch Book

One of the things I have learned is to always carry my sketchbook wherever I go.  My sketchbook has become my notebook, journal, a way to remember ideas, a way to reflect the things I see around me.  I am wired as a “visual” thinker, and often experience and learn about the world around me through the use of images.  Having a sketchbook handy at all times allows me to capture those ideas.

Sketching isn’t always easy, and comes with practice.  Sometimes, if I have an image in my head, it feels like I can look down at the paper and “see” the image there.  All I have to do is try to follow the outlines to capture the image on the paper.

I started out with a plain, spiral bound book with white pages, but found out pretty quickly that the loose pages of a spiral bound book tend to slip around more, and smear the drawings.  I have also fallen in love with toned papers, and drawing with pencil and “white charcoal”.  The subtle use of the white really gives the drawings an extra sense of depth.

These are various drawings from my sketchbooks.



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