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“An artist is not someone who draws or paints.  An artist is someone who sees and hears what others do not see or hear.”

My goal as an artist has always been to help people open their eyes and ears, to see both themselves and the world around them (physical, spiritual, emotional, cultural) in a new light, to look beyond the obvious and mundane to the truth which winds its way through all of creation.  My hope is to create a community here — a place where people can sit and consider not only my art, but the way they interact and relate with art in general.

I hope that this will also become a place where I can highlight art which other people have created, to perhaps show (with permission) some of their art along side my own personal reflections on how it has impacted me.

— Charles Tryon

Other Links:

  • I have written about my approach to creativity and art on my Introduction page.
  • Another place to find me is on my DeviantArt site, where I try to keep current with my newest work.
  • You may also find me on Facebook.



    • Thanks Steve! Thinking about spending the ~ $35 to buy the commercial version of the Photo Gallery plugin so I can do photo comments.

    • I don’t have one yet, though I would imagine it’s just a matter of installing a proper RSS feed plugin. I’ll look into that!

    • Ben — Thanks! Yeah, it’s something I’ve noticed about artists as I’ve been watching, and thinking about what the difference is between someone who has some level of skill at creating things, and someone who really thinks and lives as an artist.
      Kind of like the difference between the guy who knows how to pound out a few lines of code, and someone who can create “beautiful” programming, eh? 😉

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